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R. Kent Barry

Managing Partner (Developer-Broker)

R. Kent Barry is a native of Las Vegas and is a 30+ year veteran of the commercial real estate industry throughout the western states region of the United States.  Mr. Barry is a Commercial Real Estate Developer with the ability to create imaginative and practical solutions to a broad range of development challenges.

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Kevin Williams

Managing Partner (Planner-Developer)

Kevin Williams “KW” is Visionary Planner with 25 years as a Principal Designer and Project Development Management experience within the commercial real estate industry.  KW brings 25+ years in architectural design and master planning, community development consulting & finance advisory services to the Empire – Dominion Development Partners, INC.

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Daniel K. Gorham
Warren Negri Jr.

 Partner (Banker-Finance)

 Partner (Finance-Insurance)

Daniel K. Gorham is conservative senior financial professional with the broad experience of credit risk, underwriting, origination and portfolio management of Commercial Real Estate Development Mr. Gorham is a thirty plus (30+) year veteran of the banking and finance industry.

Warren Negri is a 30+ year veteran of the commercial banking industry with a specialty for risk mitigation.  Warren has worked in the financial services industry for more than forty years. He has held senior executive positions with firms including John Hancock, Northwestern Mutual, Mass Mutual and New York Life; as well as international life insurance companies, Samsung Life and Keobo of Korea.

Christine A Johanson
Alvin W. Williams

IP Brands- Finance


Christine A. Johanson is an Entertainment and Global IP Branding Real Estate Development Expert and strategist.  Ms. Johanson is an esteemed real estate developer, philanthropist, theatrical producer, and has worked with the leading owners and developers of real estate properties and global IP brands for the New York City, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, Seoul Korea and Chinese metropolitan areas.

Alvin W. Williams has over 40 years of combined experience in business management, operations and real estate acquisitions and sales.  Alvin W. Williams is Sr. Executive Vice President and Co-Founder of Dominion Development Corporation since 1994. Mr. Williams has over 40 years of combined experience in business management, operations and real estate acquisitions and sales.

Myra Boneta-Lisbeth


Myra Boneta-Lisbeth is a Tax and Real Estate Attorney specializing in tax and asset management.  Myra Boneta-Lisbeth is a real estate Advisor for Dominion Development Partners, Inc who specializes in Tax & Asset Management and brings a vast 20+ years of experience in business and corporate law.