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Las Vegas is an Attraction for Family Entertainment

Vegas isn’t your typical big city. There’s not much of a downtown here. It’s basically the Vegas Strip, a couple other concentrated casino areas, and then tons of sprawling roads with a suburban feel. While the visitors only see the crazy side of this city, a lot of the town feels like your average American community if your average American community was in the middle of a desert.

While most towns in America are lucky if they have a half-decent high school theater group, Las Vegas is able to attract the best acts from around the entire world, meaning there’s an endless stream of cool shows to take the family to. A few of the acts that are great for kids include the Blue Man Group and the Tournament of Kings Medieval show.

Aside from all the playgrounds, Las Vegas also seems to put a heavy emphasis on providing intramural sports for the kids. Not only does this city have 23 softball fields, 10 football fields, 44 soccer fields, 109 skate parks, and 6 swimming pools, there are also tons different of intramural leagues around the city providing kids with a healthy competitive atmosphere.

When people think “Las Vegas Strip”, they instantly think of gambling and showgirls. However, there are actually tons of cool things family-friendly attractions in the midst of all the chaos. Las Vegas has plenty of areas that are each unique in their own way allowing permanent residents and visitors to find the perfect fit for their lifestyle, including the budding family.

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