Christine A. Johanson


Christine A. Johanson is an Entertainment and Global IP Branding Real Estate Development Expert and strategist.  Ms. Johanson is an esteemed real estate developer, philanthropist, theatrical producer, and has worked with the leading owners and developers of real estate properties and global IP brands for the New York City, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, Seoul Korea and Chinese metropolitan areas.

Ms. Johanson brings decades of experience and relationships developing many renowned office buildings, hotels, multi-family residential buildings, amusement parks, parking facilities and retail projects. Her real estate activities involve an aggregate value of several billion dollars. Her talents include a variety of corporate finance, production, media, management and live events. She is an executive with a 21-year career as a strategist, operator and brings a unique blend of creative passion and fiduciary diligence to every project. She possesses significant knowledge and background of all facets of the real estate, finance and IP branding and marketing industry, including management, entertainment, technology, film and television production/distribution. Having navigated 3 Silicon Valley companies through various stages of mergers and acquisitions Ms. Johanson brings a vast range of experience to the field of entertainment finance and production.

A philanthropist and a longtime supporter of education, medicine, healthcare and humanitarian causes, Ms. Johanson created the Heal The World Foundation. Mrs. Johanson brings the former heads of Disney productions and Academy award-winning and Grammy award winning experts ranging from directors to executives to the table to bring dynamic power to the table for the success of any project that includes her company’s involvement. Having actively invested in and advised other passionate start-up entrepreneurs and was noted to be one of the world’s top female leaders in the internet platform technology industry in 2008 and became a Kentucky Colonel.


She was also nominated to be knighted as a Lady for her philanthropic endeavors. She graduated from George Mason University and was a recipient of a diplomatic scholarship from Princeton University and AIG. In addition, Mrs. Johanson has been a panel speaker for multiple international conferences covering Internet media, and entertainment. Her speaking engagements and accolades have been mentioned in Reuters, Forbes and a variety of other notable publications.


Christine has also successfully helped to organize many events to bring celebrities, charities, and brands together to serve humanity from the Child Rescue Organization, Global Citizen Festival, Mel Gibson's Mending Kids Foundation, benefits with Matt Sorum of Guns and Roses at the Sundance Film Festival, to the inaugural First Ladies of Africa Health Summit amongst many others.